Great Reasons to register for training with Compatible Companions.

1) BARK! BARK! BARK! Is this your dog’s reaction to everything?
2) Does your dog think lets go for a walk on leash means, “I’m a sled dog and you are the sled”?
3) You would like to bond closely with your new dog or puppy?
4) Does your dog only “come” to you sometimes? They give you that “Eh, I’m busy” look?
5) Your dog needs help with Potty Training?
6) Your dog is smart. Too smart? Needs new tricks to exercise his brain and body!
7) Your dog needs to learn boundaries and manners in the house and in public?
8) Your dog JUMPS on you, your kids and everyone he meets?
9) Does your dog think his name is “No”?
10) Your dog plays rough and uses your hands and feet as chew toys?
11) You need your dog to learn the basics. Come, sit, down, stay, leave it, heel, wait, sit for greeting? Or more advanced training, maybe earn the Canine Good Citizen title?
12) Your dog chews on your stuff; couch, shoes, tables, house siding, lawn ornaments, etc.
13) Your puppy is 8-16 weeks old and needs the necessary socialization with other people, places, things and other puppies for a well-balanced adult dog in the future!
14) Does your dog BOLT out the door and not come back?
15) Do you understand your dog’s body language?
16) You feel like you could use some professional advice from an experienced professional?
17) You’ve tried to train your dog but it’s not progressing as you would like?
18) Your dog ignores you when you say, “leave it”!
19) Does your dog totally ignore you when there is another dog present?
20) You have a dog for the first time, now what do you do?

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