Back to School is your dog ready?

It’s been a great summer with the children home. Lots of playing, running around, and just plain FUN! What happens to your dog when the kids go back to school? Most dogs are upset by this, it’s a change in routine. Dogs thrive on stability. When school starts and the house is quiet, dogs can actually get depressed or become destructive. They get less exercise and mental stimulation in a quiet environment.

It’s a good idea to incorporate some doggy activities into this new school schedule. Start the dog training lessons that you’ve put off because wrangling all the kids and going out with the dog is such a chore!

Remember the “Mommy and Me” or “Daddy and Me” adventures you had with your children? Try it with your lonely, loyal companion! Training classes are really fun for all. They stimulate the mind for both pet and person!

How about Doggy Daycare? Remember when your children had a play date at someone else’s house? They’d be wound up excited to get there and when they came home, they’d sleep really well that night.

If you want to educate your dog while the kids are in school, try Daycare & Train! The dogs will learn some manners and behaviors that will be much appreciated when the holiday’s come in a couple of months. Much like a child that can now recite the whole alphabet, your dog can now Sit, Come, and down (etc.) to wow your guests. With more training, the dog won’t even jump on Grannies new holiday dress or grab the turkey off the table! Please contact us if want to learn more about our dog services from boarding, training, and daycare.

A dog being naughty and destructive.
A dog being naughty and destructive.

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