“Changing Dog Behavior Using Science Instead of Myth”

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So what is the main focus of the article?

 “Moving Beyond the “Leader of the Pack” explores the perceptions of dogs and their relationship with training and dominance. Dr. Reisner breaks down dogs’ behavior by addressing dominance beliefs, intimidation-based training, dog-centric training, and their consequences. If you have more questions regarding the principles set in place in the article please contact us. We love to hear from you.

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  1. […] Finally, calm departures and arrivals, as well as regularly scheduled periods of interaction when your dog can count on attention from you, will go a long way to helping you solve the problem, too. If you still have questions understanding how this type of training works please contact us or follow us. Also, check out our last month’s article post featuring changing a dog’s behavior using science instead of myth. […]

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