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With over 30 years of professional positive reinforcement training experience.

My mission is to teach you how to have the dog you want and not just put up with the behaviors you don't like. If you can't train your dog then let me do it for you.

First Do No Harm!

There is never a need for prong collars or shock collars or jerking on the leash to get your dog’s attention. We want the dog to enjoy training and not be afraid of you or the environment. We use a kind and gentle technique that has demonstrated as being very effective!

We have created several lesson plans that are absolutely pain free for the dog and the owner. We believe in the power of communication between the dog parent and the dog. Effective communication will establish an unbreakable bond and provide you with a loyal and well-mannered dog. If we set the dogs up for success then success will be yours!

My dog training story

Way back in the early 90’s I got a German Shepherd. This is before I had internet. So I called all the dog trainers in town and found an all-German Shepherd trainer. Little did I know then that the recommended choke collars and prong collars they had us use would be so ineffectual.

When I finally had a computer and internet, I researched dog training methods. I went to dog workshops hosted by reputable positive reinforcement trainers. I read everything I could on the internet. I was inundated with emails from all the dog training email lists I was subscribed to.

I then started over with my now 2-year-old GSD. It was like flipping a switch! The change in my dogs’ attitude and willingness to engage was amazing. While the rest of the dog training community thought Clicker training was a fad, I embraced it and developed a wonderful working dog. (I was a closet clicker trainer for a few years until they saw with their own eyes what my dog could do.) I then spread my knowledge by taking on other dogs and their people. I joined The Apple Valley Dog Training Club and was elected the secretary.

That’s when Compatible Companions started. My business was primarily private lessons at people’s houses, with some classes in parks or rented buildings.

I finally got a license through the state of WA in 1996 for my business when I worked as a contractor for another dog training business. I was approached by PetSmart to set up their dog training in the new building. (I have some of the old polaroid’s on my FB page, at least the ones when the camera had film, wasn’t broken, wasn’t in use somewhere else and nobody stole the picture.)

When my mom got sick with cancer, I moved to Salem Oregon. There I did a lot of private lessons but also worked 40hrs a week at a surgeon’s office.

We later moved near Portland, OR in Hillsboro. I worked at Petco as the Sr. Dog Trainer Mentor for 5+ years. That was fun, I had a great time there with the employees and my clients. But alas, my husband and I decided to move to a warmer climate, hence the move to Texas.

So now I start my business all over again. I love working with people and training their dogs!

Our Services

Providing Dog daycare services in the Central Texas Area

Dog Daycare

Daycare is for small dogs under 20 lb. Drop off between 7:00 am and 9:00 am. Pickup between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. We can do half days but let us know first. For an extra fee we can do training with your dog.

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Dog Training

Training classes last 8 weeks. I incorporated 4 private lessons so you can get a jump-start on training without the hyper, unfocused group of dogs.

I have an open-door policy which means you can join a class already in progress and not have to wait 8 weeks for another class. You can also miss a class or two and come back the next time you can. You won’t miss any lessons!

For those with super busy schedules we offer Private Lessons at your place or mine. Once a week or every two weeks. If you need to miss a week we will continue when you are available. We have package deals that reduce the cost if pre-paid.

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Dog Boarding

Boarding is for small dogs under 20 lb. They are allowed on the furniture, play with our dogs and sleep in our bed (if potty trained). Treated like our own babies!

Check in by 10:00 am and out by 10:00 am the next day. If pick up is late by 2 hours a 1/2 day fee is added.

Bring a second dog for 20% off that dog.

What Our Clients Say

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