Back to School is your dog ready?

A dog being naughty and destructive.

It’s been a great summer with the children home. Lots of playing, running around, and just plain FUN! What happens to your dog when the kids go back to school? Most dogs are upset by this, it’s a change in routine. Dogs thrive on stability. When school starts and the house is quiet, dogs can…

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Dogs and Fireworks

Compatible Companions Dog Services image used showing two dogs and cat for the things to do in regards to Fireworks

Those scary firework noises can be catastrophic to your dog. According to most pet shelters, more dogs are lost on the 4th of July than any other holiday which results in an increase of dogs coming to the shelters and owner heartbreak due to a lost pet. So how can you help your dog overcome…

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Desensitizing A Dog To Being Left Alone

Desensitizing A Dog To Being Left Alone article featured image shows a sad pug dog being left alone.

When it comes to desensitizing a dog to being left alone one must understand what is going on with the dog. Separation anxiety is a specific syndrome that includes a constellation of behaviors that occur only when the dog is left alone.  These behaviors include destruction, vocalization, and elimination. Often it is the exits and…

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“Changing Dog Behavior Using Science Instead of Myth”

Featured image for the Leader of the Pack blog focusing on Changing Dog Behavior Using Science Instead of Myth article

So what is the main focus of the article?  “Moving Beyond the “Leader of the Pack” explores the perceptions of dogs and their relationship with training and dominance. Dr. Reisner breaks down dogs’ behavior by addressing dominance beliefs, intimidation-based training, dog-centric training, and their consequences. If you have more questions regarding the principles set in…

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Submissive Urination in Dogs

Submission Urinations Puppy Dog Jack russell terrier lying on a carpet and looking up guilty.

Just like people, dogs have individual personalities and traits. Those dogs with submissive temperaments are usually good choices for first-time dog owners or families with young children.  Submissive dogs do not present the problems that some dominant personality dogs do.  However, they can exhibit a trait that is a problem to some people.  When approached…

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How to Handle Dog Separation Anxiety

Dog looking out of the window waiting for his owner separation anxiety

Dogs go through separation anxiety when their owners leave the house. Don’t let your dog tell you when to do anything. You tell him when he can be petted, up on the bed, go out the door, play with the toy, etc. This puts you as the leader and he will respect that. If you…

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Kids & Canines

Newborn baby boy and friendly Shiba inu dog in home bedroom.

A baby! Introducing the child to your dog. “Spot meet Jennifer” As the Twig is Bent, So Grows the Tree! The earlier the better as far as helping your family dog and your child form a good relationship.  Young Jennifer’s future outlook on dogs, in general, will be influenced by the interactions which take place…

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Socializing your new puppy

Compatible Companions Dogs Services teaches how puppies can learn the methods of socializing around new things.

Socializing is one of the most important roles of a new puppy owner. Puppies’ brains develop considerably from 6 weeks-16 weeks of age.  Therefore, the importance of socializing the new puppy is critical as the puppy learns a lot about their world.  It is a unique window of time that will impact the puppy for…

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Dog Crate Training

Happy dog resting in her open crate, looking at the viewer

Many people are calling in with housebreaking problems and/or problems with the dog damaging their belongings when the dog is alone in the house. All of these problems can be eliminated with the use of training a dog with a crate. Using a crate is not cruel. It approximates a den, which dogs in their wild state…

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Dogs and Car Anxiety

Dog in a car used to talk about dog anxiety from cars.

Does your dog have a negative association with the car?  First, throwing up in the car, tensing up, or just nervous about going on a ride. Put the dog on medication, and now the dog will get a weird woozy feeling. I suggest you give him a new perspective on the car.  Is your dog…

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