Dog Crate Training

Happy dog resting in her open crate, looking at the viewer

Many people are calling in with housebreaking problems and/or problems with the dog damaging their belongings when the dog is alone in the house. All of these problems can be eliminated with the use of training a dog with a crate. Using a crate is not cruel. It approximates a den, which dogs in their wild state…

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Dogs and Car Anxiety

Dog in a car used to talk about dog anxiety from cars.

Does your dog have a negative association with the car?  First, throwing up in the car, tensing up, or just nervous about going on a ride. Put the dog on medication, and now the dog will get a weird woozy feeling. I suggest you give him a new perspective on the car.  Is your dog…

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Therapy and Service Dogs

Moose sitting still during his training with Sandy.

Not all dogs have the temperament to be a Service, Therapy or Emotional Support dog. Just because you love your dog, doesn’t mean he is suitable to take in public. Here is an excerpt about what to look for in a dog that will be readily accepted in the general public and serve you well.…

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Story of Moose Training

Moose paying attention to Sandy during dog training using positive reinforcement techniques.

(Note: this is a long heartfelt letter from Moose’s owner Amy) Dear Sandy,What an amazing nearly five years it has been that I’ve known you, and what a change you have made in me – the human. It is also hard to believe it’s been five years. You can see I only remember a little…

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The Alpha Theory?

Group Of Dogs With Owners At Obedience Class

The Alpha Fallacy Dr. Ian Dunbar | Mon, 08/04/2008 – 10:19 The Alpha Fallacy It is popularly held that rank is established and maintained by physical strength and dominance and that the more dominant (i.e., higher ranking) dogs are more aggressive. Hence, dogs that frequently threaten, growl, fight and bite are often assumed to be…

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